Friday, September 30, 2005


Click on the above title to enter her web space :) she is awesome.

Found this wonderfull artist called Cascada she is from Germany. She has had three singles so far Miracle - Bad Boy and her latest single is "Everytime We Touch."

Her genre is Trance Pop.

Bad Boy:

(c) 2004 Robbins USA


(c) 2004 Robbins USA
Released:29th November, 2004

Everytime we Touch

(c) Andorfine Germany
Released: 18th April, 2005
Music Sample:

She has only been around for a short while please check out her music :)

Enjoy :)

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Nikelback are Chad Kroeger – Vocals, Guitar Ryan Peake – Guitar, Vocals Mike Kroeger – Bass Daniel Adair - Drums, they have been a steady force in music for over 5 years.

First Cd out of the rack is Photograph. Click on the above title to enter their web site.

Watch the video free at:


Their new CD will be released on the 03rd October 2005.

(c) Roadrunner Records

Track List

01. Follow You Home

02. Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
03. Photograph
04. Animals
05. Savin' Me
06. Far Away
07. Next Contestant
08. Side Of A Bullet
09. If Everyone Cared
10. Someone That You're With
11. Rockstar

Nice to see them back :)


11 Tracks from the Multi-Platinum Group In Stores October 25 Los Angeles, CA Between 1998 and 2003, *NSYNC ruled the pop music world with a string of chart topping singles and multi-platinum albums. On October 25, Jive Records brings those tracks together with the release of *NSYNCs Greatest Hits.(From their Website) © 2005 Jive/BMG Records

© 2005 Jive/BMG Records

The track listing for *NSYNCs Greatest Hits is:

Check the following URL for their most requested tracks at:

01.Bye Bye Bye - 9 BP 35 Bye bye bye N-SYNC
02.Girlfriend (featuring Nelly)
03.This I Promise You
04.Its Gonna Be Me
05.God Must Have Spent A Little More Time on You
06.I Want You Back
09.Tearin Up My Heart
10.Thinking of You (I Drive Myself Crazy)
11.Ill Never Stop12.Music Of My Heart (featuring Gloria Estefan)

Its Gonna Be Me should have been an abs track in Bodypump might put that one up again :) on the main website for Les Mills International.


Click above to access his site.

Chris Brown is taking off big time in the USA check out his gear. His first single is at 23 first week in on the USA charts.

For information refer to his site for updates at :

His current CD is called Run it released 30 August, 2005 from his self - titled CD Chris Brown.

Image hosted by
© 2005 Jive Records

Check the track at the followiung URL.

Great music if you are into Usher then this is an artist everyone will be into.

Would make an awesome abs track :)


Who misses the arnold press in the shoulders track. I was trained on Bodypump 38 and we had it twice in that class in track 1 and in track 8 of that release and also in one of the 40's series of Bodypump. Where Are You Paffendorf they simply take off bigtime. :) Had the pleasure of learning Stronger - Sandstorm and Where Are You for the Masterclass :)

1 BP 38 Angel Lionel Ritchie
2 BP 38 Baker Street DJ Octopus
3 BP 38 Don't Tell Me Madonna
4 BP 38 I Drove All Night Bandido
5 BP 38 She Bangs Ricky Martin
6 BP 38 Stronger Britney Spears
7 BP 38 Sandstorm Darude
8 BP 38 Where Are You Paffendorf
9 BP 38 Most Girls Pink
10 BP 38 With Arms Wide Open Creed

I miss them.

Are there any old exercises that you miss and would like to see returned to Bodypump?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Direct from Les Mills International:


Kia ora!

Time to revisit the essence of this great programme - through the music, the moves and the challenge and rewards of a real weights workout experience.

Instructors will feel it from the "get go". We're putting the muscles under a bigger load for longer through the working tracks and putting a real bite into bottom half squats and tricep kickbacks. Check out the science around these in the technique notes and take a close look at the coaching tips.

Participants will also come face to face with the real essence of BODYPUMP in the release that brings up the programme's 14th year. Getting to the end of this one is an achievement in itself!

It's all good from the warm up, where Joana Zimmer's cruisy I Believe gets you mentally prepared and hungry for the workout.

Then rip into the leg work with Rogue Traders' Voodoo Child. This track's a huge calorie burner and a great foundation for the rest of the class.

Get ready, get set, get active is the call for the chest track. You need to open your heart to nail this one, so take all the help you can get from the familiar sounds of Fine Young Cannibals' She Drives Me Crazy.

Annie Lennox sweetens up the music in the back track before we hit the deck for triceps and a big focus on kickbacks with a cool tune from Benny Benassi.

Grit your teeth and go for gold with the biceps. Just another eight more reps to go! And enjoy AWonderful Life with Tina Cousins in the lunges.

Shoulders are all about platework this time - you'll need to dig deep and maybe get a bit angry for those side raises and overhead presses.

Hit the abdominals with Blue Lagoon and cool down with Robbie. And don't forget the bonus track this time round. Spirit In The Sky is a biceps Christmas cracker.

01. I Believe - Joana Zimmer
02. Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders
03. She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals
04. - Annie Lennox
05. - Benny Benassi
06. -
07. AWonderful Life - Tina Cousins
08. -
09. - Blue Lagoon
10. - Robbie Williams
11. Spirit in the Sky -

Rest coming 12th November 2005.

© 2005 Les Mills International



The next round of releases are about to be filmed in Downtown Auckland and Les Mills WOF.

If you in Auckland that week then this is the place to be :)

Check out the following URL for details.

Or if you are mouse lazy then the details are on the right.

Check out the main blog site at: for updates and e-mail them with any queries.

Monday, September 26, 2005


This is hard to believe that there is no Les Mills Bodybalance - Bodycombat - Bodyjam - Bodypump - Bodystep - Bodyattack or RPM in the whole Republic of South Africa.

I was shocked when I tried to locate any Les Mills classes there and found nothing?

If anyone from Les Mills International is reading this maybe you should take Les Mills to South Africa with a Population: 44,344,136 thats 44 million + potential participants and instructors.

They have some of the worlds leading gyms there.

Bring Les Mills to South Africa please :) so that they can experience the whole Les Mills experience :)

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Was at the workshop last 1/4 and looked around while doing chest press. I was the only one doing the chest press with my feet elevated off the floor.

I find that doing this makes me stable and takes the preasure of my Teres Major and gives more control when doing chest press.

Does anyone else do it that way?

Saturday, September 24, 2005


We have dips back in Bodypump 55. The last time we had dips was in Bodypump 27 and that was back in 1998. Man I am feeling old now :lol: :P :)

Well back then we did them on the narrow end of the step. I liked them that way. Back then added a bar with one five kg's each side, placed the bar on my lap and dipped away. I was the olnly person doing them that way at at the 1/4 minus the bar that time. Others were doing them on the wide side of the bench. I tried them on that side of the bench and felt uncomfortable. doing them that way.

Anyway, I just wanted to know what's the go the rest of the world doing them.

Wide End of the bench.
Narrow End of the bench.
With a bar on the lap and the narrow end of the bench.
With a bar on the lap and the wide end of the bench.

I like the narrow end feel it more in the back, and in the triceps and feel the burn more that way. Which is what I like :)


Click below to take the poll (What side do you do dips on the bench?)
Take My Poll


Click on the title of this post to enter their official site.

Had an awesome dvd given to me this is a group to look for and listen to.

Just love their music :) If you love Evanescence then you will love the music of this group. Thats if you love gothic music like me :)

The group consists of Rudd Jolie, Stephen van Heastregt, Sharon den Adel, Martjin Spierenburg and Robert Westerholt. The group is from Holland - Netherlands.

© 2005 Sony International - Roadrunner Records (25) Australia.

Their current CD single is Angles. It is from their CD titled "The Silent Force"

Track listing

01. Intro - 01:58
02. See Who I Am - 04:52
03. Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) - 04:47
04. Stand My Ground - 04:28 (Real Cool Song.)
05. Pale - 04:28
06. Forsaken - 04:54
07. Angels - 04:00
08. Memories - 03:51 (Great Second CD Single.)
09. Aquarius - 04:47
10. It's the Fear - 04:07 (Awesome track.)
11. Somewhere - 04:14

Bonus Tracks:

A Dangerous Mind - 04:17
The Swan Song - 03:58

Thanks Chris for the DVD :) it was a shock getting it and was complete suprise indeed.
For information on this group.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Shannon Noll is from Australian Idol he was runner up to Guy Sebastian from Series 1 of Idol which aried in Australia in 2003.

Earlier this year I did a review of Shannon Nolls first studio CD.

It has been over two years since he has released any new material in October the wait is over.

His new CD is entitled Lift.

© 2005 SONY BMG Music Entertainment (Australia) Pty Limited

Track Listing:

1. Lift
2. Shine (First Single Out.)

© 2005 SONY BMG Music Entertainment (Australia) Pty Limited

3. Give It Away
4. Now I Run
5. Lonely
6. Down On Me
7. Don't Fight It
8. Losing It All
9. All I Want Is More
10.This Is It
11.Letter To You
12.Everything I Wanted
13.Before We Say Goodbye

Autobiographical Link:

Watch the Video at this site and get the low down on the man hinself there.

Welcome back Shannon Noll.

His video for the track can be seen at his official website.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Most of us know Michael as the Head Choreographer for the worlds untimate Bodypump "Fastest Way to get into Shape" and I guess the man is one awesome choreographer at that.

He has choreographed every Bodypump and also choreographed RPM releases 1 - 24.

On the main Les Mills site at: there is an interview is a candid and frank interview with the man himself.

Had the pleasure of attending a 1/4 where he taught with Michelle Bridges - Alani Bodypump 40. Was an awesome experience.

Give it a read.

Love your work Michael :)


Les Mills had an awesome campaign a few years back it was called "Great Bodies are Engineered Not Born"

Bodypump Campaign
© Les Mills International Ltd 2005. All Rights Reserved

Check out the following URL:

Is your body what you want it to be?

Have you achieved your own goals?

I personally think that everyone is capable of achieving the ultimate body that they want to have. Is that enough well I thought about it and I guess what is the ultimate body?

Friday, September 16, 2005


Check out the new logo on:


I like the sound of that!

© 2005 Les Mills International

Thursday, September 15, 2005

National Presentation Team November 2005

If you are in New Zealand in November the National Team is going to be there for the release of the new programs:

Date : Saturday 19 November 2005Time : 9am- 5pmPlace : Les Mills City Club (Auckland.)

RPM® 29 – 9am & 1pm

******$5 booking fee applies******

BODYSTEP®62 - 9am
BODYPUMP®56 – 10am
BODYBALANCE®31 – 10.30am
BODYCOMBAT®26 – 11am
BODYJAM®35 – 1pm

So if you are in New Zealand at that time please make a note to be there :)

Contact: at Les Mills New Zealand for details :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Just wanted to say that the forum is going. Please register and come in. The forum is a united place where Les Mills - BTS and also Radical Fitness Instructors can meet and talk about their programs.

We have as apart of our moderation team a Radical Fitness Registered Trainer in Fight Do and also PowerFit.

You can learn so much about the other programs out there and great information in Radical Fitness and their programs as well as latest updates from Les Mills and BTS.

It can only work if you guys register and post there.

So come in and please make the site work.


Monday, September 12, 2005


They say that this is a back to basics Bodypump.

So that means that this release has to be used for at least 4 - 8 weeks so that the participants can get the max effect from this release. The reason for saying this is that Bodypump has stripped back and made the current release more user friendly. (Not that the rest were not.)

One thing I can say is that out of every Bodypump that has come my way and that is now in excess of 38 Bodypumps now that Bodypump 55 is now my all-time favorite release ever. The reason for this.

Track 1 Back to Basics - Cruise into the release with an awesome party track. Lets ease into the release and get comfortable with the scenery of this release and just accept what is coming up.

Track 2 You are all That - Reminds me so much of the 30's series of Bodypump which makes it a nice track indeed. Justy flow and let the music take care of the workout and sit just back and work the exercises :)

Track 3 Sweetest Poison - tons of good vibes about this track. Das icht Poison to do the track. A real working track three. The music takes center stage of this track.

Track 4 Olympia - ONE of the best track 4's ever. It has to be in the best of 50's of Bodypump.

Track 5 California - will go down as my favorite track 5's ever. Just love the ending and brings back the full circle of triceps with the ending (dips.) I felt the burn in the shoulders and also the back which I have not felt in such a long time. Good work Michael for this song. Just sing along and have a good time :)

Track 6 Galvanise - what more can one say, wow a awesome track 6 the best ever. Takes me back to Bodypump 31 Toms Party. Nice work less reps but so much more work in working the biceps.

Track 7 As the Rush Comes - Love this track stripped back, hush your legs are going to know they are there after doing this track.

Track 8 I Get Up - one of the best track 8's ever. No competition. Short and sweet :)

Note the option at the end, let the participants decide what they want to do :) it is their workout.

Track 9 Karma - breathe tighten the midline and core. Love the plate work in this one.

Track 10 Liberatio - love this kind of track for a ending to a Bodypump class. Nice and quite and motivating a quiet sense of achievement and enjoy yourself with the rewards at the end of the class.

To those who think the music is different yes it may be. I guess music changes and that this Bodypump will be viewed as a classic release in many years to come.

Congratulations Mike on this release.

I love your work.

pipera :)

Friday, September 09, 2005


Hi you can add comments to the polls :)

1. Just click on View Results.
2. Enter your comments.
3. Click on Go and the comment is added :)
4. Click on the title at the bottom and it take you back to the start.

Pretty interactive :)

Comment away :)

I just love discovering these things :)

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Pole Results:

1 Rise Safari Duo (14) 29%
2 Run to You Novaspace (4) 8%
3 Summer Rain Sinkee Minx (9) 18%
4 Here I Am (Send me an angel) - Jan Wayne Feat Charlene (4) 8%
5 Walk away walk away Gwen Stefani (4) 8%
6 Carwash Christina A (5) 10%
7 Lolas Theme Shapeshifters (3) 6%
8 Word Up! (3) 6%
9 The Joker Fatboy Slim (2) 4%
10 A Thousand Years Sting (1) 2%

The last poll winner was (drum roll please.) hands envelope to myself Rise (Safri Duo.)

They cannot be here to accept the award. I accept the award on their behalf :)

Congratulations :)

New Poll out now on Bodypump 55 so vote away.

Your vote does count :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


In a planet and a forum a long time ago I mentioned that it would be awesome if the programs would go outside and on location for a filming. I think this would be an awesome idea.
  • Imagine a Bodycombat filmed in at a Boxing Ring.
  • Imagine a Bodybalance filmed in a tropical location or near the beach as sunset falls meditation begins.
  • Imagine a Bodypump on the beach well it has happened.
  • Imagine a Bodystep being filmed in a shopping center mall.
  • Imagine a Bodyjam being filmed in a nightclub.
The possibilities are endless.

Check the following photo album. Thanks to the main Les Mills USA site for information :)

Thanks to the Les Mills Netherlands for the photos on their site :)

Monday, September 05, 2005


New revised Best of the 50's:

Love Bodypump 55 awesome music :)

Added 3 tracks from Bodypump 55 :)

01. Scream for More - Kate Ryan Bodypump 50
02. Overload - V / Voodoo & Serano Bodypump 52
03. Summer Rain - Sinkee Minx Bodypump 54
04. Slave to the Music - Nick Skitz Bopdypump 50
05. California - C.O (Club Orientated.) Bodypump 55
06. Galvanize - The Chemical Brothers Bodypump 55
07. Love Comes again - DJ Tiesto Bodypump 53
08. I Get Up - INXS Bodypump 55
09. Left Outside Alone - Anastasia Bodypump 52
10. Vedi, Maria - Emma Shapplin Bodypump 52

Sunday, September 04, 2005

My Review of Bodypump 55

Well here it is. I posted it externally.

Enjoy the read.

Feel free to comment :)

Friday, September 02, 2005


The United States now have two bonus releases. Check the forum for details. You need to register and login to see this :)

My Forum Site:

Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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